Tradescantia Callisia Repens (S)

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This plant will be shipped in a 4 inch nursery pot

Check out this blog for basic plant care guide

Tradescantia Bubblegum is a unique, easy to care houseplant that can thrive in most indoor conditions as long as they get good amount of light and are pruned regularly. They are also easy to propagate. Just cut below the node and remove the bottom leaves, then stick it back into the pot!

  • Light - Bright indirect light
  • Water - Let the soil dry out completely between waterings
  • Humidity - Will do just fine in normal household humidity level 
  • Temperature - Between 60ºF – 80ºF 
  • Toxicity - Will cause irritation if ingested

This plant will fit perfectly inside our Laminaria planters

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Category: 4 inch, Common, easy

Type: Unknown Type