Hello, and welcome to Plant Corner!

Plant Corner is a woman-and-minority-owned small business specializing in rare plants.  

We make sure to always have a unique selection of both common and rare plants to fulfill whatever needs, wants, and budget bring you to our door!

We strive to provide you with healthy, acclimated plantlife, all the supplies, and advice you could hope for right here in the shop and over our website.  

At Plant Corner, we believe that goodness begins at  the roots, and we embody that not only with our plants themselves, but also in how we support others. All of our merchandise is sourced from small, often women or minority owned businesses, so you can be secure in knowing exactly who and what your purchases are supporting. 

About the team



My name is Jira - and I am obsessed with houseplants!

Growing  up in Thailand, I was always surrounded by beautiful plantlife, colorful flowers, and stunningly shaped leaves.  

After four years of teaching, I came to realize that my plants truly are the source of my energy. Caring for plants is how I care for my self and my mental health. I wanted to continue to nurture my own love of plants and encourage that love in others.

With the support of my family, Plant Corner was born, literally, from a corner in my apartment.

From then on, we expanded and opened our first storefront in May 2021. It is through this store that I am able to offer the best sourcing, selection, and love to all my plants, and hopefully, to you, too.  



Hello, my name is Amber and I’m a Horticulturist and houseplant addict!

From a very young age, I developed a love for nature through watching my mom tend to her miniature homestead in the Bronx. As I got older, I wanted to bring a bit of that nature indoors and try my hand at houseplant care. 

Plants became my therapy and passion, which lead to working in the landscaping industry as a Horticulturist. Over time, my room slowly turned into an indoor jungle of over 150+ plants and counting.

With 5 years of knowledge and experience now under my belt, I am very excited to help educate and guide others to adopt their first (or hundredth) houseplant! 

Our nursery

The majority of our rare and exotic plants were grown by my family in our own backyard!

My cousin, who has been collecting and care for rare plants for more than 10 years, is the reason I can offer you these unique species at reasonable prices. After losing his job due to COVID-19, he helped my parents convert our empty backyard and turn it into a rare plant sanctuary. Together, we handpick and source these plants. Before they are ready for the journey to NYC, he grows and nurtures each plant with love and utmost care, just like he would with his own plant collection.

Plant care = Self care