What should I do when my plant(s) arrive?

Your plant(s) have been tired from all the traveling. I recommend placing them in a jar of water for 24 hours (you can mix in a drop of superthrive or a teaspoon of sugar) to help replenish your plant(s) of water and nutrients before potting them.


If you have a greenhouse, a terrarium, or a propagation box, your plant(s) will appreciate a high humidity environment for the first few weeks, especially plant(s) that are still rooting. If you plan to grow the plant(s) outside of the greenhouse, slowly adjusting them to the new environment. You may need to use a pebble tray or place a jar filled with water next to them to help with the humidity level during the transition.


My plants are shipped bare-root, therefore, it is important to have the potting materials ready. Different species of plants require different type of potting substances, my go-to is half perlite, half coco coir, then I add worm casting and slow-release fertilizer into the mix. You can reach out to me if you have any questions regarding this.


When you pot your plant(s) for the first time, please make sure that the soil is evenly moist (not soggy), so the roots don’t get shocked from the transition. Once the plant(s) perk up, then you can water regularly.