Scindapsus Exotica (S)

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This plant will be shipped in a 4 inch nursery pot

Check out this blog for basic plant care guide

Scindapsus family has recently gain high popularity among houseplants due to its satin - silvery leaves and easy to care nature. They can be train to climb up a pole for a shingling effect or let them trail down from a shelf. This particular specie of 'Silver Splash' has silvery blotches all over their leaves, make it look like someone painted them with watercolor. 

  • Light - Medium to bright indirect light / Can tolerate low light
  • Water - Let the soil dry out completely between waterings
  • Humidity - Will do just fine in normal household humidity level 
  • Temperature - Between 65ºF – 80ºF 
  • Toxicity - This plant is toxic if ingested

This plant will fit perfectly inside our Laminaria planters