5 x GrowPole 2.0 Pro

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A set of 5 GrowPole 2.0 Pro

THICCLY’S GrowPole simulates the natural climbing surface environment for aroids. By providing a moist tree bark like environment, it promotes aroid’s climbing behavior, which triggers morphogenesis that produces larger leaves.

The product is extendable and also trimmable to size to accommodate a large variety of plants.

GrowPole 2.0 series are 40cm tall instead of 60cm

This is the pro-edition which improves upon the Original GrowPole.

Why is it pro?

The pro edition uses PET clear plastic. It is thinner at the same strength which means it stacks better than the non-pro edition.

What is new?

1) The holes are elongated from a square to a rectangle. This improves the ability to remove plants from the pole for propagation purposes.

2) The bottom of the pole now feature anchors to prevent the pole from leaning toward the plants

3) The anchor act as clip locks for extensions. When clipped, the front mesh is neatly aligned between the poles.

4) It is shorter. Going from 59.5cm to 40cm tall means less need to trim the poles to fit and it ships better too.

Each pole is 40cm tall and 6.5cm wide.

You are ordering a pack of 5 poles. It has minimal packaging to help us reduce our carbon foot print.

*GrowPole comes with zero fillers. Plants not included, for illustration only.


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