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Your favorite plants delivered anywhere in Manhattan, hassle-free. Read more to find out what makes us different and why our plants are perfect for you and your loved ones.

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Hand-crafted planters

Our planters are handmade here in the US.

Each of them come with a drainage hole and saucer to ensure that excess water won't accumulate in the pot and cause your plants to suffer.

We include a planter screen during the repotting process to prevent the soil from leaking during watering.

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Colorful and vibrant

Add a splash of color to your home!

With our simplistic design and a range of colors, you can find the perfect planter for any space. These lovely yet durable planters will keep your plants looking their best for years to come.

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Pest checked

At Plant Corner we treat all our plants weekly with products that are safe, effective, and organic. 

Our plants are then inspected for pests before being sent to you so you can enjoy the beauty of nature without any worries.

Care guide included

Our selection of potted plants come with a simple care guide to help you keep them healthy and happy. Get ready to turn your living space into a tropical paradise!

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