We are here to help your plants thrive. From proper watering techniques and fertilization schedules to precise pruning and pest management, every aspect of our plant care requires a discerning eye and a meticulous approach.

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Plant Sitting Service

Whether you are away for a few weeks or a few months, we've got you covered.

We will take care of your plants the way we'd take care of our own. With an extensive knowledge in house plants and rare plants, your green friends will be in good hand.

Our home service include but not limited to: watering, misting, pruning, fertilizing, refilling humidifier, pest control, and sharing photos of your plants with you while you are away

The price for each session includes traveling fee and service fee, which depends on how many plants you have and the distance from our location.

Please email us at info@plantcornernyc.com to get an exact quote.

What our clients say

“I’m so happy that I found Jira - she is a literal life saver!"
"Not only does she do a great job watering my plants while I’m on vacation, she even sends me photos and text updates to let me know how my little plant babies are doing. When something happens (like a very naughty grow lamp falling on my plants), she lets me know immediately and does everything in her power to fix it! Knowing that she’s close by and keeping an eye on my plants allows me to enjoy my vacation with limited stress. Thank you so much, Jira!”

Molly E.

Plant Maintenance

We can provide ongoing maintenance year-round in your office or retail space to keep your plants at their tip-top shape!

After getting to know you and your space, we can discuss your needs and how often should we stop by and care for your plants. Maintenance service includes but not limited to: watering, fertilizing, trimming, pruning, pest control, and top dressing

How we care

  • Watering - We check the moisture level in the soil first and use the information to decide when and how much water the plants need.
  • Cleaning - We keep the leaves and stems clean to prevent pest infestations, allow plants toefficiently photosynthesize, and restore the natural shine of the leaves.
  • Fertilizing - Over time, soil loses its nutrients. We replenish them by fertilizing, ensuring that your plants have the necessary fuel to flourish and maintain vibrant foliage.
  • Pruning - By selectively removing dead, damaged, or overgrown parts of the plant, we encourage healthier growth and prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Pest management - We check your plants and spray them with bio-insecticide regularly to prevent an infestation.

Plant Curation

Just moved in to a new place, about to open a store of your dream, or need some greeneries in your new office?

Plants help purify air, boost productivity, and bring joy to people around them.

Whether you are looking to add plants to your home, apartment, or office space, we can help design your oasis based on your light condition and aesthetic preference, and deliver everything on your doorstep!

For large projects, we partner up with Incrementum, a plantscaping company specializing in commercial and office space, to provide the individual design and installation of healthy plants that fits your vision, lighting condition, space needs, and budget.

Check out Incrementum

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