Transform your space to a place where both plants and people flourish

Imagine this:

You are working long hours in a cold, empty office, staring at a bland concrete wall. You feel suffocated, uninspired, and endlessly burned out.

Now, picture this:

You just walked into your office.

You're entering a warm, welcoming space full of life, with greenery greeting you at the door.

At your desk, you can breathe, relax, and immerse yourself in a cozy area. Your mind is clear, you're focused, and ready to tackle any task.

When your eyes need a rest, you simply gaze at the plants, letting their calming presence rejuvenate you.

Having healthy plants in an office space can significantly enhance your employees' overall well-being and productivity.

Are you ready to invest in their quality of life?

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We bring life to your office by adding greenery and offer ongoing services to keep your plants alive and thriving, just like your growing business.

  • Transform your workspace into a happy, warm, and welcoming environment.
  • Reduce stress hormones and enhance productivity.
  • Offer ongoing plant care services to save you time, and effort.

Ongoing plant care

A hassle-free solution for maintaining a lively office environment.

We take the responsibility off your shoulders by ensuring your plants remain in optimal condition. From watering and pruning to pest management, our horticulturists handle everything for you.

Enjoy a stress-free, green workspace that stimulates productivity and well-being, while we take care of your plants.

I need this

Plant design and installation

Introduce a breath of fresh air into your workspace with our specialized plant design and installation service.

We take measurements of light and humidity levels before meticulously selecting plants that will thrive in your unique space. Our team handles everything from design to installation.

Transform your office into a green oasis where productivity flourishes.

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Plant installation and maintenance

This done-for-you service begins with our expert horticulturists carefully assessing the environmental conditions of your office, including light and humidity levels, to select plants that will not only survive but thrive in your space.

We handle everything from installation to routine maintenance, ensuring your office remains a vibrant, green oasis.

We are in

“From start to finish, it's been a pleasure working with Plant Corner on the installation of plants in our building's lobby. The end result was fantastic, earning very positive reviews from our residents. Jira and her team are deeply knowledgeable, exceptionally helpful, and unfailingly positive; I could not recommend Plant Corner highly enough"

Marc B - One Museum Mile

Plants Transform Lives

I started Plant Corner to bring more joy, happiness, and nature to the concrete jungle of NYC. I believe that when plants thrive in a space, people do as well.

With my background in education, I am big on educating people about plants and tailoring their care according to their specific environments.

Even similar plants in the same room may require different care, as plant care goes beyond a weekly watering schedule. Our horticultural care methods will adapt to your environment, changing seasons, and times of the year.

We take pride in our years of experience and extensive knowledge about various plant varieties. But it all boils down to the fact that we love plants and we want to provide the best possible care for your plants, so that they can bring the most joy possible to the people in your company.

Get to know us

"Jira is a plant whisperer. She understands everything there is to know about plants and plant care ... Her true strength though, is her warmth, her accessibility and her ability to empower others.  New York City is blessed to have such a gracious, kind and benevolent plant angel in its midst."

Daniel A

Our clients and partners

Plant Corner NYC have been outstanding partners. They've kept our 100+ office plants thriving. We are expanding our office so will have 200+ plants that will receive the best care. Plant Corner NYC is proactive and detailed when it comes to corporate plant care and design!

Ash P - Gusto

Here's how it works

Share Your Vision and Requirement:
We start by understanding your vision for your office space and the specific needs that you have.

Site Visit: Our horticulturist will visit your space to assess the environmental conditions, which are essential factors in selecting plants that will thrive.

Developing a Proposal: Based on your vision and our site visit, we will develop a comprehensive proposal for your office.

Installation: Our team will handle all aspects of this process, ensuring that each plant is properly placed for optimal health and aesthetics.

Growing together: We offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure that your plants continue to thrive.

Let's work together

"Since Plant Corner team took over, each plant has been thriving, bringing a touch of life to our work environment. Your attention to detail and genuine care for plant health have not only revitalized our space but have also contributed significantly to the overall ambiance of our office. Both the team and visitors have noticed and appreciated the difference."

Adam L - Halo Media

These services are for you if...

  • Your company's space is empty, uninspiring, and uninviting due to a lack of live plants.
  • You struggle to keep the office plants you do have alive and thriving.
  • You're uncertain about how to manage pests and water for your plants.
  • You are unhappy with your unsustainable and expensive flower service
  • You're looking to enhance your employees' mental health by reducing feelings of burnout and fatigue.
  • You aspire to improve your employees' productivity, creativity, and morale.
  • You want to minimize the time and effort spent on maintaining office plants.
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