Keiki Cloning Paste

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Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste for new growth on your houseplants, helps your orchids bloom again & makes new orchids. Blend of lanolin, cytokinins, and vitamins for maximum results and healing. Includes one 8g vial, applicator swabs, and instruction booklet. Made in the USA!

Clone Orchids Easily - Our cloning paste biohacks your plant's nodes with natural growth hormones and vitamins, encouraging new vegetation. Simple application, see tiny baby plant buds in 3-4 weeks. Apply the paste to nodes higher on the spike for blooms or lower to create for clones. 

Great for Other Plants Too - Got leggy plants? Try filling out bare vines or stems by adding paste to a few nodes in between leaves and branches. The ingredients in Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste encourage new growth. For prolific results, ensure plants get proper light, water, soil, and nutrients. A happy mama plant will give the most robust keikis!


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