Instant Plant Protection Indoor & Houseplant Pest Control

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Instant Plant Protection™ convenient, pre-portioned, and peppermint scented tablets are crafted for treating and preventing pests on ALL TYPES of houseplants including indoor plants, tropical plants, and desert plants. Perfect for potted plants and container plantings inside and out.

The active ingredients in Instant Plant Protection™ are crafted to fight powdery mildew and to kill common houseplant pests including aphids, ants, mites, mealy bugs, gnats, scales, and more. Using reusable spray bottles means fewer single-use plastic spray bottles headed to the landfill.

Instant Plant Protection™ self-dissolving pest control tablets make protecting your indoor plants a breeze. Just drop a tablet in ~4oz water, spray your plants with the solution, and wipe liquid and pests off your plants. Repeat 1x every 2 days until pest is gone or 1x per month for proactive prevention!

Instant Plant Protection™ pest control tablets are CERTIFIED carbon neutral, vegan & cruelty free, and 1% of all sales go to organizations helping our planet. Made in USA too!

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