Homalomena Emerald Gem (M)

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This plant will be shipped in a 6 inch nursery pot

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Homalomena Emerald Gem is a low-maintenance houseplant with lush, waxy, spade-shape leaves, bringing a unique look for your plant collection.

  • Light - Medium to bright indirect light
  • Water - Let at least half the soil dry out between watering / The leaves will look a little wilted when they need water
  • Humidity - Ideally 60% and above but will do just fine in normal household humidity level as long as it doesn't go below 30%
  • Temperature - Between 60ºF – 80ºF and away from cold drafts
  • Toxicity - They are toxic to animals and humans if ingested
  • Additional information - The bottom leaves will occasionally yellow and die.  It is completely normal and can be cut off using sharp and clean shears. If happens rapidly, it means that your plant is cold, too wet, or too dry.

  This plant will fit perfectly inside our medium planters

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