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Calathea Freddie (M)

Plant Corner NYC

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This plant will be shipped in a 6 inch nursery pot

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Calathea Freddie (Calathea Concinna) came from rainforest floors in South America. His foliage has deep green leaves with lighter green zebra stripes. He is considered a member of prayer plants family as his leaves often fold up overnight.

  • Light - Medium to bright indirect light
  • Water - Let the top two inches dry between watering / Filtered or distilled water is recommended
  • Humidity - Ideally 60% and above but will do just fine in normal household humidity level as long as it doesn't go below 30%
  • Temperature - Between 60ºF – 80ºF 
  • Toxicity - This plant is not toxic to pets
  • Additional information - Curling leaves is usually the sign of plant not getting enough water. Browning leaves mean the plant needs a higher humidity level
  This plant will fit perfectly inside our medium planters


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Category: 6 inch, Common, light, pet

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